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Mizzelle's Menagerie

It's my tumblr and I reserve the right obsess over anything that interests me. That means a little of everything -- from comics and cartoons to sports and old movies.
Sep 10 '11



I will be at SPX in Bethesda, MD next weekend at table D11! I will have a lot of hand-made books!

I met H. Lela Graham at Small Press Expo today. She’s a bookbinder and ceramicist by training. Because she hasn’t had access to a ceramics studio, she’s been spending more time on the bookbinding. Pictures do not convey how wonderful these are. I spotted them on my first tour around the room and finally stopped to chat/browse later. She had all different sizes from the tiny ones to the larger ones. It was fascinating how a different leather/skin gave it a different feel. There was one I picked up that was a calfskin that was *so* soft. I wound up buying one of her small ones she’d fashioned as a necklace.