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Jun 30 '13





Hello all, so this is my dad, and he’s planning on cosplaying as Rescue Captain America at San Diego Comic-Con this year.

Here’s the problem: He’s 53 and he thinks he might be too old to cosplay. In addition, he thinks he’s not buff/handsome enough to pull it off a Captain America costume. So even though he’s put a ton of work into his cosplay, he’s thinking about not taking any of it with us.

I’ve set out to prove him wrong, so tumblr, please help me show this retired Air Force officer that he makes a great Captain America!

Your dad is awesome and cosplay is for everyone!

This is fucking rad and perfect and your dad is the goddamn coolest.

I would be so impressed to be at a con and see him walking towards me wearing that. He looks like a living action figure from my dad’s day.

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    I saw him! He looked awesome!
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    As the actual literal Captain America tell your dad that 100% he gets approved congratulations. It’s an amazing cosplay...
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