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Mizzelle's Menagerie

It's my tumblr and I reserve the right obsess over anything that interests me. That means a little of everything -- from comics and cartoons to sports and old movies.

Posts tagged Sebastian Stan

May 6 '13

Sebastian Stan at ”PUNK: Chaos To Couture” Costume Institute Gala in NYC (06.05.13)

Apr 24 '13

(Source: cyborgneboola)

Feb 24 '13


By popular demand, Sebastian Stan with Bucky Bear and Captain Ameribear. Please, please, please reblog, don’t repost so people to whom these photos belong.

Sebastian took a normal photo with Captain Ameribear, then said, “Wait! This is what I’m going to do in Winter Soldier” and choked the bear. It was amazing!

Jan 24 '13
Aug 10 '11